My Metric is Better Than Yours – Optimizing Business Decisions with AI

P. Sondergaard, Senior VP at Gartner famously said: “Algorithms are where the real value lies”. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are reshaping entire industry sectors and verticals, creating the foundation of the next industrial revolution.

Waste Away: How New Replenishment Models Are Reducing Shrink

In grocery retail, waste is no longer the inevitable consequence of making sure customers always get what they want. Increasingly, retailers are recognising the myriad ways to mitigate waste – with many different motivations pushing them to adopt new models and techniques that reduce shrink.

How to win the grocery war one customer at a time

When companies do big acquisitions, it is often the customer who is the last to be considered. The digisphere is buzzing with commentary on the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods and what this means for retail once the eponymous pureplay got seriously into bricks and mortar. And it can’t be much fun to be any large US grocer watching your share price…

We Need to Talk About Your Data - Data Quality in the Age of AI

IN Machine Learning — 21 June, 2017

A short while ago I attended an industrial conference about production machines and engineering. This specific community is about five years behind retailers in understanding the impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can make when integrated into their processes.

Why Sales Are Disappointing Fashion Shoppers

IN Price Optimization — 15 June, 2017

Retailers are trying to balance discount offers that both meet customer expectations and maintain a profit margin, but according to statistics from Blue Yonder’s international consumer survey with Retail Week Connect, the customers have different demands.

Retailers Must Optimize Pricing to Delight Discount-hungry Shoppers

IN Price Optimization — 13 June, 2017

Huge consumer thirst for discounts, and the growing influence promotional activity has on the purchasing process, are changing the pricing landscape for the fashion industry.

Building AI Applications – It’s More than Sticking AI in Front of It

Recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) — as well as technological improvements — have enabled a wide(r) range of businesses to integrate AI into their offering or integrate AI in their business processes.

Big Data vs. Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, almost all companies have jumped on the bandwagon to invest in Big Data. Each year, Matt Turck compiles a comprehensive list of Big Data companies that shows the relevant players on the market. Although such a list is ultimately incomplete, the recent versions have become so complex and detailed that they become hard to read, even…

How to Build an AI Strategy

A recent article by Harvard Business Review opens with “every serious technology company has now an Artificial Intelligence (AI) team in place.” The author raises an important point when claiming “Please don’t hire a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer” by highlighting: “For them, AI is a competitive advantage, but not part of their core product.”…

Price Optimization: Improve Revenues and Customer Experience

IN Price Optimization — 17 May, 2017

Fashion and lifestyle retailers are facing enormous challenges. These omnichannel retailers have to deal with customers who expect products to be available and also want the lowest prices. More pricing transparency and comparability combined with long lead times and short product life cycles are putting retailers in the highly-competitive fashion…