bonprix sets prices with AI-based price optimization

IN Price Optimization — 29 November, 2017

In a complex and changing market, retailers need to transform their internal processes to meet the challenges of rising costs and falling profits. Tackling this issue head-on, bonprix decided to use price optimization software to improve its margins. And, with data key to remaining competitive, the company also wanted to gain valuable insights via…

Why Sales Are Disappointing Fashion Shoppers

IN Price Optimization — 15 June, 2017

Retailers are trying to balance discount offers that both meet customer expectations and maintain a profit margin, but according to statistics from Blue Yonder’s international consumer survey with Retail Week Connect, the customers have different demands.

Retailers Must Optimize Pricing to Delight Discount-hungry Shoppers

IN Price Optimization — 13 June, 2017

Huge consumer thirst for discounts, and the growing influence promotional activity has on the purchasing process, are changing the pricing landscape for the fashion industry.

Price Optimization: Improve Revenues and Customer Experience

IN Price Optimization — 17 May, 2017

Fashion and lifestyle retailers are facing enormous challenges. These omnichannel retailers have to deal with customers who expect products to be available and also want the lowest prices. More pricing transparency and comparability combined with long lead times and short product life cycles are putting retailers in the highly-competitive fashion…

EuroShop 2017 – Retail’s next big thing: Artificial Intelligence

EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf was five days of stimulating discussions and lots of interest in our machine learning solutions.

How UK Retailers can successfully navigate Brexit

Many leading UK Retailers are already feeling the effects of Brexit. Growing inflation and a volatile currency are putting significant pressure on retailers in the UK. Service and supply chain costs are expected to become major financial challenges. Grocery will be significantly affected with declining profit margins and consumer spending. Fashion…

Weathering the Winter in Retail

As Christmas draws near, Christmas lunch logistics and unbought Christmas presents lie at the forefront of consumers’ minds, but are retailers ready to take full advantage?

Grocery retailers need to improve their pricing decisions

A global study of 750 grocery decision-makers reveals key challenges in meeting customer expectations. In our blog post, we take a closer look at pricing and how it is impacting customer experience in the grocery retail industry.

Avoid food waste! Consumers are likely to buy wonky fruit and veg

There has been a quiet revolution in the supermarket fruit and vegetable aisle.  After years of physical perfection, shoppers are becoming more comfortable with wonky fruit and veg. That is one of the discoveries of our global study of 750 grocery managers on the delivery of customer experience in the omnichannel world.

How is the weather affecting retailers’ pricing and replenishment?

Temperatures soared in the UK in July and once again the clouds have made way for another burst of hot weather. Weather is often universally blamed for poor sales and low footfall figures by retailers.